What Residential Architects Do

Most people know what architects do, however, the phrase “residential architect” may not initially come to mind. However, the phrase does speak for itself as a residential architect is simply someone who simply sticks to building homes on an exclusive basis. They build houses, condominiums, and apartments. They also make everything from homes designed for a single person to housing for senior care. One advantage of hiring a residential architect is that they can custom-build homes. Custom building a home is often more expensive than purchasing a pre-owned home. However, residential architects are always happy to help people live out their dreams.


Typical Education of a Residential Architect

Picture of summit ridge residential architectResidential architects, naturally, do major in architecture in college. However, their training process typically goes something like this:

-first, they study general architecture

-they specialize in residential architecture

-they learn how to draft and negotiate with clients

-they also find out how to interact with contractors and engineers

-finally, they must pass a licensing exam to become an official residential architect, and they have to have completed at least, Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture. For more information contact a professional this Happy Valley Architect.


How a Residential Architect Carries Out a Project

The process of a project that a residential architect does typically go something like this:

-every project starts with a consultation with the client about their desired preferences for the design, style, and budget

-The blueprint then is drafted to map out the proposal. Architects are obligated to stay current on style and merge that with the function and the diagram outline must reflect this

-A sound engineer also has a knowledge of safety guidelines, floor plans, and building codes into the design. They also must interact with the contractors, construction employees, and interior designers

-last but not least, a residential architect must also update the client every step of the way and work with the customer to ensure that the desired outcome is manifesting throughout every step


Green Homes

Residential architects are also often involved in the process of building green homes. These are not like typical homes as they are designed and constructed to be more eco-friendly. For example, green homes are often solar-powered and are made mostly of prefabricated reinforced polymer modules. The durable materials also don’t have to be replaced as often. The role that the residential architect plays in the building of green homes is researching and planning to use the current best materials for that particular home.


How Many are Self-Employed

The current statistics hold that about 20 percent of residential architects are self-employed. Many find this easier as it gives them the opportunity to choose their projects. They do typically charge more than a stock floor plan. However, for clients who want custom-built homes, it may be worth the cost.


What Residential Architect’s Work Typically Doesn’t Involve

Residential architects, like any other architect, are engaged in the designing and first building of new homes. What they don’t typically participate in is a commercial building, home remodeling or other additions. It is the general contractors who typically do those. Consult this Lake Oswego Architect for more info.


Additional Help that Residential Architects Provide

One unique thing that residential architects can do is make the aesthetic experience a reality. The primary reason that they work with clients in the first place is to make the clients’ dream home a reality. As a result, you typically won’t see just a typical one- or two-story home with a residential architect. A home built by a residential architect would include things such as an A-roof, a balcony on the second floor or a circular ceiling in one room.